Flow trail safety

Safety in the flow trails

We would like for all guests to have fun and enjoy themselves. To achieve this, it is important to be considerate for others and be aware of the rules in order to avoid injuries and dangerous situations.
The following rules and safety advice apply to cycling in the flow trails.

  • All cycling is at your own risk.
  • Show consideration for others. This applies to both hikers and other cyclists. Remember that you are obliged to give way when approaching from behind.
  • Adjust your speed. You must always be able to stop at unforeseen obstacles on the trail.
  • Do not stop where visibility is limited. This applies especially below slopes and in turns. If you have to stop, you must get off the trail quickly.
  • Check your equipment before going downhill. The bicycle must be in good condition, especially brakes, dampers and wheels.
  • Wear a helmet! It is mandatory to wear a helmet on the flow trails.
  • Help in the event of an accident. If you meet someone who has injured themselves, you are obliged to stop and help. The bicycle patrol can be reached on +47 90 68 83 35.
  • Avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Locking of the rear wheel in turns and steep slopes causes unnecessary wear and tear on both the bike and the trails.

The bicycle patrol
If you need help, contact an employee of SkiGeilo or call +47 906 88 335 The bicycle patrol is available during the summer park's opening hours.

Trail grading for lift-based cycling
Our cycle paths within the lift facility are defined as floating paths.

Green trails
For beginners. Path without, or with very simple, technical obstacles. We recommend all beginners cycle through a green trail before setting out on a blue one.

Blue trails
For slightly experienced cyclists with some technical skills. Path with minor obstacles and simple, technical sections. The trails are suitable for both beginners and advanced riders.

Red trails
For advanced cyclists with good technical skills. Trail with demanding obstacles and technical sections. Red runs are also narrower and steeper than the blue ones.

Black trails
For cyclists with very good cycling skills, a new challenge for cyclists who master red trails without problem. Black trails are very demanding, with large rocks, roots, jumps with gaps and very steep descents. There are currently no black trails in Geilo Sommerpark.

NOTS rules:
When cycling on trails other than our downhill trails, we advise you to follow the Norwegian Organization for Mountain Cycling's guidelines:

  • Be considerate and pleasant when meeting hikers.
  • Always give way for hikers.
  • Limit your speed so that you are not a danger or inconvenience to others, especially along roads and paths that invite high speed, or in unclear sections.
  • Slow down to walking speed well in advance of passing others on a narrow path.
  • Do not make new tracks. If you do not have the skills to overcome an obstacle, get off the bike.
  • Avoid cycling on particularly vulnerable paths immediately after periods of heavy rainfall.
  • Do not make the path wider by cycling around water ponds or obstacles.
  • Carry the bike through marshy areas so that deep ruts do not form.
  • Do not lock the rear wheel on steep downhill slopes.
  • If two cyclists meet on a hill, the one cycling uphill has the right of way.