SkiPlay & SnowPlay

SkiPlay is supervised fun on skis for children (5+) who already know how to ski.

Perfect while Mum and Dad are having ski lessons. Sessions are run by ski school instructors and lasts 5 days for 80 minutes each day (11.20-12.40). The activities will vary from day to day, and will include activities on skis and snow activities. There are two groups, based on skiing skills. 


SkiPlay is for children who manages easy skiing and the lift on their own. The participants will enjoy skiing in the slopes and adventures in the forrest. 


SnowPlay is for the children who don't manage skiing or the lift on their own. Play and fun in the snow, with or without skis. 


SkiPlay kr. 675,-
SnowPlay kr. 675,-

Please note: This is not ski school, it's ski fun! Children must be checked-in and checked-out by the parents. 

Attendance at Vestlia.

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