Have a more fun experience with properly prepared skis from our ski- rental and service.

All our ski rentals offer wax/prep and edge sharpening with WINTERSTEIGER Machines.  
Throughout the season our ski workshop in Vestlia offers full service on all types of equipment, from alpine and snowboard to cross country skis. Mounting or re-mounting of bindings, base repair or inserts and stone grinding is also available.

Ski service prices 2022/23

Prices Prices 
Racing service. Base repair, edge rind, racing structure, belt grind and wax From 1295,-
Full service. Base repair, belt grind, structure, edge grind 87º-90º and machine wax. Add 100 NOK for hand wax From 755,-
Service. Belt grind, edge tuning, machine wax. Add 100 NOK for hand wax 595,-
Edge & machine wax Edge grind and machine wax. Add 100 NOK for hand wax 295,-
Hand wax 250,-
Quick wax 115,-
Edge fix for rails done by machine  150,-

Ski work shop 2021/22

Mounting of bindings: 500,-
- Alpine. Boot must be delivered.  
Re-mounting of bindings: 550,-
Plug holes and move binding. Boot must be delivered.  
All other repairs, contact the ski service personal  

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