Lessons Guide

To get started with ski lessons you need to find the right teacher and level. Don't worry, we'll help you.

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Find Your Lesson

To get started with a lesson, knowing your level helps us find the right instructor and the right group to match your ability. Below are a series of quotes that define the different levels, something that will not only be helpful for placing you in the right group, but also in getting fitted for rental equipment.

Know Your Level

The ski school groups are divided into white, green, blue and red according to skill level



For those who have not been skiing before. We will teach you to snowplough with confidence make turns and take the lift.


You can stop safely, turn on green slopes and take the lift.  We will teach you to be comfortable, safe, to ski with more speed and develop your parallel turns.


You are beginning to use parallel skiing to turn and take the lift in blue slopes. You will learn to be more secure, increase speed safely and work on perfecting your parallel skiing.


You ski parallel, with good speed and control in red slopes. You will train technique to take you down steeper terrain in a more secure, stylish and effective manner.



For those who have not tried snowboarding before, or for those who have difficulties with balance and are unable to turn.
You will learn standing up with balance and leafing, leading up to full turns.


You can take the lift, turn and stop in blue slopes. We train balance, edge and technique. The aim is to manage higher speed and terrain that is more difficult.

Private or Group lessons?

Geilo in five mountain sides

All five of our mountain tops have a unique character to them, and because of this, they offer unique learning opportunities for our guests. Below is a round-up of each tops and the kind of terrain each tops slopes offers our guests.