Trollklubben Child care


Important information:

We will close down Trollklubben Childcare until Thursday, March 19th. (extended period may occur.) We have great respect for the situation regarding the Corona Virus in Norway, and understand that we are now in a new phase regarding future developments. With respect to our guests and staff, especially in regard to indoor events, we have, therefore, decided to follow the advice and information provided by the FHI, infection control physician in Hol and Ål Municipalities, Geir Strømmen, and emergency advisor in Hol Municipality, Espen Bille-Larsen. We must, therefore, report that we are canceling our planned after-ski events for the next two weeks and closely following any further developments for the period thereafter. Several preventative measures have been introduced in the ski arena, including extensive information and extra hygiene measures in all staff and public areas.

All other activities and offers at the ski center will go as normal.


Trollklubben is a “ski in – ski out” childcare, situated in a cozy log cabin at Vestlia. Trollklubben offers childcare for children up to 8 years old.


Our professional team of staff is there to give your child, expert care in a fun and safe environment. Trollklubben child care is perfect for parents who would like to take a ski lesson or even just take some runs to themselves and explore the ski area a bit more.

You can bring a packed lunch or we can provide lunch at a small extra cost (toast/fruit/milk) for Nok 50 per child.

Children who need to take a nap during the day are able to do so. Please bring your own pram if you would like your child to sleep outside. Please bring nappies and extra clothes, we do not provide these.

It is important to bring warm clothes for when we play outside. Thick warm gloves, a hat, and warm winter boots. We recommend using wool thermals.

Your child can not attend Trollklubben Childcare if he/she is sick, i.e. has a fever, vomiting, has the flu or any other infectious illnesses.

You can purchase individual hours or book for the whole day. Pre-payment is necessary.

Opening hours
Trollklubben Childcare has the same opening hours as the ski lifts, however, the child care closes an hour earlier if there are no children at the child care.  

Please book in advance.
Contact: [email protected] or visit one of our receptions.