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Terrain Parks

At Geilo there are terrain parks that are challenging for all levels and with over 200 different features. The goal of the terrain park is that there should always be something new and exciting! Geiloparken work closely with Norway's Top Sports Gymnasium at Geilo and Geilo IL, both have helped to plan the park's unique elements to meet the needs and expectations of the riders. Geiloparken has something for everyone regardless of skill level, it is playful, creative and gives opportunities for development!


Our park manager is X-Games winner Andreas Håtveit himself and together we proudly present Geiloparken with #drømmelinja

Andreas has pondered, scribbled and dreamed his way to a park with challenges for all levels and ages and which provides room for progression, development and not least lots of park fun! Geiloparken also works closely with Norway's top sports gymnasium in Geilo and Geilo IL to create a perfect training arena.


A ski arena that breeds skiing pleasure with two lines that complement each other.

Green-blue line on "skiers left" goes all the way down with small jumps, boxes and tubes. Perfect for beginners! At the same time, there is a cool trick line that the more experienced can also enjoy.

The red line has many varied elements so that you don't get bored and can really pull off the trick. Andreas has built some elements that he describes as "completely raw and you can do crazy tricks on them".


In Vestliaparken, Andreas has taken the terrain, possible amount of snow as a starting point and created a perfect training arena. Here, arrangements have been made for quick laps with the t-hook, so you can drive many trips and get the most benefit from the park run. There is also light here for perfect evening training. Here you will also find black jumps, and perhaps Norway's best park.

World news season 22/23?
Last spring, Andreas pondered a lot about how he could make the park even better, and last summer he cracked the code! In Norway, plastic pipes are in demand in the park rather than metal rails, this because the high humidity means that the metal edges of the skis quickly stick to the metal rails. The challenge with plastic pipes has been that they cannot be bent and made more advanced, until now. After breaking a number of pipes, he finally succeeded, and the result is a whole line in Geiloparken with plastic pipes in various shapes. Check out the link for video below for more!

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