Sesongkort for fastboende i Hol kommune

Season pass for local family

This year, you as a local family will have a fantastic season pass offer. This year, as a local family in Hol Municipality, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a unique offer for you and your family who loves to ski and spend quality time together.

Seson pass for local families:

Up to 2 adults and 3 children (0-17 years) NOK 5,995.
Up to 1 adult and 3 children (0-17 years) NOK 4,595.

The ski passes must be picked up in ski rental (formerly Skarvegrotta) in Vestlia on one of the following Saturdays between 11am - 3pm:

October 26th

November 2nd

November 9th


Important information regarding pickup: 

You must have a permanent place of residence in Hol Municipality, and children of primary and secondary school age must be enrolled in a school in Hol Municipality.

You must include a copy of a public documents confirming the place of residence when collecting the family season pass.


The season pass is intended for families

If you are an adult, without children, and reside in Hol Municipality, the regular season passe apply. Remember that there is a discount on these only until 31.10!