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When was the last time you thought through what has happened in your ski center since 2017? Time passes quickly and it is difficult to think back on everything that has happened. However, we at Team SkiGeilo look forward to welcoming you to the new season at "Norway's Best Ski Resort"! An award we have won 5 years in a row! We believe that the best overall experience of a day's skiing can be had with us at Geilo.
Perhaps the most noticeable improvement is the ski buses that now connect the valley sides. Now you can spend the day on a tour around the entire facility! From the family and beginner-friendly slopes in Vestlia and Kikut, to the Geilo side for the more advanced. You get the real feeling of high mountains in Havsdalen, and the top of Fjellheisen offers perhaps the finest view of Geilo? With the ski buses you can also go to a café in the center of Geilo in the middle of the day? And if you get hungry, we have several really good lunch spots to choose from, whether you're on alpine skiing, cross-country skiing or just on foot! We welcome everyone.
Since 2017, we have also invested a lot in upgrading the snow quality, and there has been a noticeable difference with silky smooth snow, which we get a lot of praise for. The treadle machines we use are "state of the art", and with automatic snow systems in large parts of the facility, we do not produce more snow than we need to open, the quality stays better and resource consumption goes down.
For the younger ones, we have upgraded the children's band at Kikut, focused more on the child and family experience, organize kids' races at least once a week, and children's discos on the evening runs. For many young people, perhaps the parks are the biggest attraction. With Andreas Håtveit as park manager, and state-of-the-art park machinery, we are of course proud to be recognized as perhaps the best park in the country.
Skiing in 2023 is a social activity with friends and acquaintances. We facilitate the good experiences together with family, friends and acquaintances. For some, our luxury cocoa is the highlight of the day. For others, it's waffles at Elin's at Halstensgård, or enjoying a good glass (or several?) of wine at the wine bar at Kikuttoppen. Some also fight to become family champion in one of our self-timers in Eiva-Løypa or Havsdalen. The après ski in Havsdalen is full every Saturday, and the Easter party at Kikut has become Norway's biggest! All these experiences, in addition to hunting for the perfect carving turn, you will find with us.
And we have, quite literally, fine-tuned many of the things that you, as a guest, don't think much about. Maintenance of lifts and machines, leveling and widening of track profiles, better evening lighting, higher toilet standards with shelves for gloves and pegs for jackets, music system in Musikkbakken and much more! Precisely to create the good social arena, and the overall experience to be named "Norway's Best Ski Resort".

I, and the rest of the team at SkiGeilo, can't wait to see you on the slopes! And next time you visit us, feel free to think through the changes that have been made. Feel free to send us a message with what you think has made a big impact for you!


Skiing greetings from Kevin Eikrehagen,
General Manager SkiGeilo


Sentrumsbakken - new trail
This season we will open trail 27 "Sentrumsbakken". This is the route for the old Geiloløypa, which we will extend all the way down to the cable car site and the train station. With this, we want to facilitate our desire to take the alpine experience right into the center of Geilo. This winter, in other words, you can take off your skis at Geilo Station and walk straight into the center or onto the train.

Upgrades at Havsdalskroa
For season 23/24, Havsdalskroa will be even better! The spiral staircase is replaced with a normal staircase set along the wall, which creates a much larger area on the first floor. We do this to create a better traffic flow for the guest, and make accessibility to both the toilets and the bar easier. The kitchen is being completely renovated, there will be an upgraded bar and the hanging lamps will be replaced with spotlights. Get ready for good real Afterski this winter!

Ski locker room at the Geiloheisen
Rent ski lockers at Geiloheisen for the season! Then you don't have to drag your ski equipment with you on the train, in the car or on the bus. We are opening up the rental of 50 lockable lockers, here you get plenty of space to store your belongings and the opportunity to change right at the ski slope! The outer door has an app-controlled lock, with the possibility of renting a lock tag. More info and order here.


Previous news 2017-2023

Kikut Bistro
For the winter season 2022/23, a completely new concept will appear at Kikut, namely Kikut Bistro! With an expanded restaurant, a full upgrade of furniture and a great new menu, Kikut Bistro will contribute to wonderful dining experiences on the slopes throughout the winter.

Revolutionary park elements?

Our skilled park manager Andreas Håtveit has been working on a completely new park element throughout the summer. In collaboration with Hallingplast, Andreas has been able to make plastic pipes of a larger dimension and with completely new shapes, this has previously only been possible to achieve with metal pipes. To the untrained eye it may not look like a big deal, but for both new and experienced park drivers, these elements will contribute to the possibility of new tricks and at the same time safer driving. How can it be both safer and offer new tricks, you might think? Here you can read more about the revolutionary park elements.

On selected days throughout the season, KidsPatrol will be held. An exciting program for children where they get to greet the ski patrol, hand out walkie talkies and experience a bit of what it means to be part of the ski patrol.

Clearing Olaløypa
Throughout the summer, there has been a proper clearing of twigs and stones in Olaløypa. This will make it so that not as much snow is needed as before to open the descent.

New skis for the enthusiast
We have received brand new Völkl skis in the ski rental, these will supplement the enthusiast category. An easy-to-drive ski for both beginners and intermediate skiers.

High & Low Climbing Park
By the summer of 2022, the new High & Low climbing park was ready in Vestlia. The climbing park offers unique trails for the whole family. Be challenged at height with climbing, balancing and experience real gut-wrenching by throwing yourself on the zipline. The starting point for several of the trails is from the brand new climbing tower, Skarvetårnet! In addition to being a starting point for several of the trails in the climbing park, Skarvetårnet has its own climbing routes and a 15-metre high jump. Together, they make up an absolutely raw climbing offer in Geilo Sommerpark!

New lift at Kikut
Skigeilo continues its investment in expanding the children's and family offer at Kikut. In the winter of 21/22, the old 4-seater chair lift will be replaced with a new family-friendly bowl lift at Kikut. In addition to the children's band and existing children's lift, the new bowl lift gives a lift to the family area at Kikut. With good capacity and easy boarding, everyone can more easily get up to the Kikuttoppen and further out into the entire facility.

Musikkbakken once again lives up to its name
Throughout the summer, we have expanded the upper part of Musikkbakken. With this improvement, it will now be possible to start skiing directly from the Halstensgårdheisen. This increases the trail length of the efficient skiing considerably in one of the best trails we have.
At the same time, it has been far too many years since there was actually music on the trail. BUT, we are finally doing something about that now! We have purchased a state-of-the-art sound system so that there will once again be mood and atmosphere in the area. Maybe there will be a small concert too?

New snow facility in Halstensgård
We want to give you a skiing experience with top-shelf snow quality. We are therefore continuously working on a major investment plan for a state-of-the-art snow system in the ski resort. Now the turn has come to step 1 in Halstensgård. This upgrade includes a new pipeline for water and air, as well as greater capacity for electricity with a new grid station further up the valley side.

The top cafe will be Vaffeltoppen
Finally, it will be served at one of our top cafes! The top café, at the top in Vestlia, is now renamed "Vaffeltoppen". Here, there will be easy serving at height both indoors and outdoors. Lovely view towards Hallingskarvet and the center of Geilo. 

New wine bar at Kikuttoppen
In winter, you can enjoy a good glass of wine, cured meats and cheese, with a sweeping view of Hallingskarvet, the center of Geilo, Reineskarvet, Ålingsfjella, Sangenuten and further down Hallingdal. We are converting the old lift arch after the chair lift into a new wine bar with a fantastic panoramic view! When the sun warms towards the end of the season, we will also expand with a large terrace outside.

Kikutkroa becomes Kikut Mat & Vinstue
Kikutkroa is a cozy eatery with timber walls, stained paneling and a traditional cabin atmosphere. Here you get exclusive dishes of high quality! With the new upgrades being made for the 2021/22 season, there will be a name change, and Kikutkroa will be renamed Kikut Mat & Vinstue.
We are now expanding with a new toilet facility in our own extension. The toilets will be of the same high quality and standard as the upgrades made at Havsdalskroa and Vestlia Skikafè. At the same time, we are converting an unused warehouse into a "Chambrè Separèe", a separate room of its own, perfect for parties, table reservations and events such as wine and cheese tasting, menu tasting and more. We are also expanding with our own wine room for storing and tasting lovely wines.
Outdoors, we have extended the sun terrace for even more guests, and the kitchen/dishwasher also gets more space. Together, this constitutes a long-awaited upgrade that facilitates increased use of the restaurant, both for lunch and events.

Extension of the David trail
In connection with the new bowl lift at Kikut, the David trail will be expanded to become even wider. Together with the Hufseheisen and the children's area, the new lift, Guroløypa and Davidløypa will strengthen Kikut as a really large children's and family area.

Trail planning Kikutløypa
We have filled up with masses and planned out the small slope at the start of the Kikut trail. This gives a smoother profile on one of the children's favorite slopes! 

New treadmill for the terrain parks
We are now upgrading the machine fleet with another new treadle machine. This time there will be a Prinoth Bison X which is specially made for the park product and of course top class in terms of efficiency and strength combined with environmental friendliness. The machine is smaller and more "agile" than the larger machines and is therefore perfectly suited to maintaining a high standard in our parks.

Ski shop in Vestlia
Have you forgotten something at home? Or do you need some new equipment? Then we can help you in the ski shop in Vestlia. Together with brands such as Sweet Protection, Kari Traa, Bula, Helly Hansen, we are now expanding the ski shop to include most of what you need for a day of skiing. Here you can buy glasses, helmets, sunscreen, gloves and mittens, hats, buffers, woolen underwear, back plates, poles and much more! In time, we also plan to expand with our own merch!

New uniforms
Our uniforms have become part of our very identity. You recognize us in the blue, green and black jackets. We have now signed a total agreement with a new supplier, and are delighted that Norwegian Helly Hansen will be the official supplier of the uniforms! The new uniforms will have a new cut to the colours, but will of course still be blue, green and black. In addition to the lift jackets, there will also be Helly Hansen uniforms at the ski school, ski patrol and in-house personnel in ski reception and ski hire. Helly Hansen will also come to Geilo and create life and stir with events and happenings as well as contribute prizes to competitions and giveaways.

Another new lift!
Last season we installed a brand new lift in Arnetrekket, and we are continuing with investments in Havsdalen. For this season, we are setting up a brand new mountain lift, which will replace the old mountain lift. This will have 3 descents, and the top station is slightly higher than before, which means that it is no longer necessary to climb from the lift onto the slopes. The lift has a larger track width, and is thus better prepared for weather and wind. At the descent you will also find one of Geilo's most beautiful 360' panoramic views - so here it is well worth a photo stop! New Fjellheis is expected to be completed around mid-December.

New track in Havsdalen
In connection with the new mountain lift in Havsdalen, we are also creating a new, family-friendly trail starting from the Fjellheisen. This is on "skiers' right" to the lift, and will be a wide, nice trail that will suit both children and less experienced alpinists!

New and more snow catchers in the Fjellheisen and Fjellløypa
We work purposefully to be able to open the alpine season early and keep good snow for as long as possible. To make this more efficient, we have set up several snow traps in the Fjellheisen and Fjell-løypa.

Upgraded toilet facilities in Havsdalen
We are continuing with upgrading our catering facilities, and have completely renovated the toilet facilities and increased capacity in Havsdalskroa.

New ski bridge at the top of Vestlia
We are having a real facelift at the top of Vestlia, and building a new ski bridge to the Bjødnaheisen. This provides a new, great entrance to the Randi, Eiva and Vestlial tracks.

Hems in Trollklubben Kindergarten
Of course, we have to look after our youngest guests, and this summer we have built out the loft in the Trollklubben Kindergarten, so that the children have even more space to frolic.

Information point in Vestlia
Information is important, we are building new information points in the base area in Vestlia.

Flood light in Randiløypa in Vestlia
Finally! We are taking evening skiing and MorningSki to new heights and have had lights installed in the Randiløypa so that this will also be part of the product morning and evening in Vestlia. This is a long-awaited addition to available routes and a major upgrade of the product.

Total upgrade of the Geiloheisen
We have changed the offal in the Geiloheisen ahead of this year's season! All electronics, the entire control panel, motor and all cables are new. An extensive upgrade of the Geiloheisen, but this provides much better operational reliability in the Geiloheisen going forward.

New and better entrance to Olaløypa and Telemarken
We have changed the entrance to Olaløypa and Telemarken so that there is now easier access and better flow. We have also closed part of the transport route that crossed Olaløypa, so that you will now not get to this crossing point. We have still kept an exit to Sonjaløypa, so that those who think it will be too steep can easily get over to a gentler hill!

Snow facility in Vestlia
We continue to upgrade the snow system in Vestlia. Our new fan guns are more efficient than the snow production system that was previously in use, and our long-term goal is to have good control over quantity production - which means less water and electricity consumption. This is sustainable, both financially and from environmental considerations, and will, under the right conditions, give us the opportunity to open the ski resort earlier.

GPS in our snow groomers
In order to produce the right amount of snow, and keep 100% control over the snow depth on our slopes throughout the season, we have invested in a brand new GPS system in our snow groomers. All slopes and routes are scanned before the snow settles, and with this information entered into the system, the snow groom drivers can see exactly what snow depth there is on our slopes at any given time. Smart for snow production and smart for the environment!

Order via App in our restaurants
Many have become familiar with app ordering in restaurants this summer. We have invested and are introducing this in several of our cafes this winter. A simple and friendly way to carry out the lunch visit!

Panorama Round - Geilo High Five
Join us on a day trip to the ski resort at Geilo! This tour is suitable for everyone. Here you can ski on the finest slopes, experience the rawest view and eat the best food in one and the same round. Each of the five peaks has its own unique view of the majestic Hallingskarvet, and the two national parks Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda. The tour is arranged so that you do not need a car between the valley sides, but use the ski bus.

NEWS! Burgers & après-ski
This season we are running Burgers & Afterski at Kikutkroa every Saturday from 15.30 - 20.00. Bring friends and acquaintances and enjoy our delicious homemade burgers and something good in a glass, served at the table. Afterwards, you can mingle in a pleasant après-ski with a calm atmosphere and cozy premises. Troubadour 1 time a month. See own programme. We are happy to accept table reservations at [email protected] or ask our staff. Welcome!

Norway's coolest ski rental!
Our largest ski rental is in Vestlia, and for the coming season we are making significant upgrades! Vestlia will now appear as a complete and practical welcome center for you as a guest. Here you will find sales of ski passes and a ski shop, booking a ski school and ski hire, all under one roof in new and modern premises. We have also upgraded to new and more toilet facilities. We still encourage the purchase of lift tickets online for the best price. Lift tickets ordered online can be picked up in our pickup boxes.

Norway's leading ski-prep machine
The new ski prep machine in Vestlia could be Norway's best! We have bought a top spec Discovery grinding machine from the renowned Wintersteiger. This machine grinds the base and steel edges, adds structure, waxes and dries, all in one process! From winter, we can therefore offer everything from simple slip/wax to skip rope with world cup standard.

New snow groomers
2 brand new snow groomers are on the way. We have really invested in quality and chosen from the top shelf with Prinoth Leitwolf. This is one of the leading snow groom machines available, and they are of course top class in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness. We can now prepare larger areas in a shorter time and at the same time promise the best possible conditions, regardless of the conditions.

The park in Havsdalen will be moved to Vestlia
For the winter, we will move the park in Havsdalen over to Vestlia, so that the parks in Geilo will be gathered on one side
We will arrange for you to have the opportunity to use the park for evening skiing and MorgenSki.
* More lights are set up.
* A new snow facility will be built in Randiløypa, which will enable us to be even more efficient in opening up as early as possible.
* In addition, work is being done on a new trail profile in the form of blasting rocks, leveling uneven places and arranging the jumps, so that we can build lines more efficiently.
* The goal is a progression park with 3 lines from blue to black side by side so that you can easily develop and train to become a better free rider!

The facility for snow production is being renovated and upgraded
We want to give you a skiing experience with top-shelf snow quality. That is why we have now started a major investment plan to get state-of-the-art snow systems on all our slopes. It is more efficient, which means that we can use less electricity, water and air, and still produce more snow in a shorter time. Last, but not least, you get an even better skiing experience as the snow system produces top notch quality snow, regardless of the conditions. Together with cooling towers for water and our brand new pedal machines, we dare to promise as good snow quality as possible throughout the season. Snow will be important to us, also in the future.

Now you can ski straight down the Bjødnaløypa
We work hard to arrange an even better skiing day for YOU! Gone are the days when you had to stake, pull and push to get the whole family out on the Bjødnaløypa. We have blown up and changed the trail profile of Bjødnaløypa, so that you can now get off the Vestliaheisen and slide straight into the trail - without a single pole vault. Alpine days are best downhill!

New children's magic carpet at Kikut
Here comes the new magic carpet for the 19/20 season with superstructure and lights inside. The ribbon will stretch all the way to Kikutkroa so that you have the opportunity to follow the children's development and enjoyment of skiing. Here you will also find the Hufseheisen, a small bowl lift for those who have just started driving a lift. New children's characters and exciting challenges for the little ones to try for the coming season.

The children's area in Havsdalen is being upgraded
We have revitalized the children's area in Havsdalen with a new children's band and cool figures in a clear and large area. Where there used to be park elements, there are now beautiful slopes with a perfect slope for learning to ski. Bowl lift for those who have just started riding a lift, 2 (and TWO!) child harnesses for the very smallest and beginners. Here, both children and families can play for hours in safe and good surroundings. In Havsdalen there is a large car park, and delicious food at Havsdalskroa nearby. Everything a few meters away. Check out!

New lift in Havsdalen
Havsdalen+Geilosiden = true!
This autumn, the old Arnetrekken in Havsdalen will be demolished. They will be replaced by a brand new ski cover! The lift will go from the bottom of Arnetrekken and all the way to Sonjaløypa! It will be a completely different skiing day with a much better connection between Havsdalen and Geilosiden.

New pro Self-timer
Now we are building a large and professional self-timer of a total of 390 meters in the Eiva trail in Vestlia. Here there will be a start tunnel, a display showing the time, and a leaderboard showing the Top 10 times run during the day. Compete with friends and acquaintances! If you register a profile with your name at, your name will appear with your time on the leaderboard. The self-timer is suitable for all ages, and opens until Christmas 2019.

Information screens
In all our base areas you will now find information screens with useful information for you as a ski guest! These will provide information on weather and road conditions, the status of open lifts and slopes, good offers, where we recommend you eat lunch and much more.

Fresher feel to our restaurants!
We think that a pleasant atmosphere is something that all our guests deserve. We have therefore put a lot of focus on improving our catering facilities so that you can enjoy traditional catering with a trendy touch! At Havsdalskroa you can expect new furniture that is handmade in Hallingdal by Fjellmøbler AS.
At Kikutkroa we are rebuilding the serving area and expanding to 2 boxes! This leads to more space efficiency and fewer queues. In addition, it has been refreshed with a new interior so that you can really enjoy yourself and enjoy a wonderful meal in a pleasant atmosphere. We continue to invest in upgrading kitchen equipment and food delivery areas so that you get a much better overall experience!