Lift-based cycling

Bring the whole family and share great cycling experiences in fantastic surroundings in Geilo Sommerpark!
The area surrounding Geilo Sommerpark offers many family-friendly trails on low terrain, as well as "pump track", skill trails and jump lines. We recommend the "Ustesdalsfjorden rundt" if you want to bike a bit further. This round also offers historic sites and great scenery!

Lift-based cycling  - For the whole Family! 

Even as a beginner and with children, you are welcome to our lift-based cycling arena and flow trails. Our blue trail "Flow Motion" is fun for everyone and with a little practice you can also challenge yourself on the bike in "Anaconda" and maybe finally test Gold Digger!

Flow Motion

Experience the thrill down the 4 km long flow path, Flow Motion!

This trail runs from the top of Vestlia down to Geilo Sommerpark. This trail has a difficulty level of blue and is suitable for the vast majority of people who are steady on the bike. With180 degree turns, jump "side hits" and other elements. The name "Flow Motion" arose in a brainstorming session in the Stiteknikk crew and is intended to give associations to flow, playfulness, movement and the great variations in the experience the trail provides. 


Unlike Flow Motion, Anaconda is built with soil and rocks. The trail is a little more challenging than "Flow Motion" and is graded as a red trail (medium challenging). To enter the path, cycle "Flow Motion" approx. 1 km down until you reach a section of road which is the start of the Anaconda, which winds 700 meters down to the plateau at the bottom of the Kikutheisen. From here you cycle Flow Motion back down to Vestlia.

Gold Digger 

For the experienced cyclist, the Gold Digger offers steeper descents, more speed and more adrenaline!

Gold Digger starts at the top of the Vestliaheisen/Bjødnahovda on the left under the bridge after you get off the lift. The trail is graded RED (Difficult) and is a more challenging than Anaconda. It is recommended that you cycle with a trail bike or downhill bike. The trail is built of soil and rocks and has a medium smooth surface. The trail has some rocks and elements of rock gardens and gives less overview than the other trails. Most of the turns are metered and the jumps/balls are larger and appear more abruptly than in the other courses. All jumps and obstacles can be rolled, but jumping skills are recommended and the trail is suitable for experienced cyclists with good skills.


Flow Motion