Parking at SkiGeilo

Information about parking at SkiGeilo

The parking spots at SkiGeilo is being operated in collaboration with One Park. Upon entry there is a camera that registers the license plate number, before leaving you can pay in the onepark app or at the kiosk.

As an alternative to driving you can take the ski buss for free. The busses has pick up and drop before and after the slopes open, and shuttles between Vestlia and Geiloheisen during the day. See bus timeshere

Information about pricing:

  • Parking fee around the clock, with a few exceptions (including HC-parking) 
  • Drop-off for free within 20 minutes from entering
  • NOK 20-30 for every new hour
  • Maximum NOK 100 a day within 12 hours
  • Maximum NOK 200-400 every 24 hours
  • Free parking in Vestlia every day between 4pm until 9pm
  • Free parking at Geiloheisen every day from 9am until 5pm
  • Free parking at Kikut Bistro Saturdays from 5pm to Sundays 8am
  • Havsdalen has day parking on P-08 with separate prices
    • NOK 30 for every new hour 8am-6pm
    • Maximum NOK 100,- per day between 8am-6pm
    • NOK 30 for every new hour 6pm-8am
    • Maximum NOK 300,- per day between 6pm-8am

Multiple choices of payment

  • Payment at the kiosk - You must enter license plate number.
  • Pay at within 48 hours to avoid being invoiced.
  • Register your credit card at for future automatic payment
  • Drive off without doing anything - invoice will be sent to the owner of vehicle, with additional fee.
  • Use EasyPark code. Parking session stops automatically on departure.

Read more about the payment options here.

Kart over de ulike parkeringsplassene på Geilo

Parkering hos SkiGeilo