Informasjon om koronavirus

Dear guest, 

We have, over a longer period of time, had a good dialogue with the Municipal Chief Physician in Hol and Ål Municipalities, Geir Strømmen, and the Emergency Advisor in Hol Municipality, Espen Bille-Larsen. We have, today, received from the Municipality a decision to close the ski center in Geilo, effective from tonight, March 12, 2020. We ask that guests not contact us per telephone, as we are currently working on getting a full overview of the situation. We ask that all inquiries be done via [email protected], and we will answer as fast as possible.
We have, over a longer period of time, followed the situation around COVID-19, and in cooperation municipal authorities, adapted our operations with extra measures to assure that the areas of the ski center are a safe place to be. We have had a very good relationship with the local authorities the whole time; and have, at all times, held the responsibility for the security around our guests and staff at the highest level.
When it comes to questions regarding reimbursement, we are awaiting answers from the industry centrally. For the time being, we are following the current cancellation policy. You will find more information regarding this on our website. In addition, we ask that you contact any travel insurance representatives you might have.