7 reasons to buy a season pass at Geilo


1. Freedom
With a season pass at Geilo, you have the freedom to ski exactly when you want.
Whether you want to stand for a full day or a few hours here and there, you have the freedom to decide for yourself
without a bad conscience that the day pass is not used in full.
Valid throughout the season, it's easier to find spontaneous trips with your friends or family when you have a few free days.
Or perhaps you prefer a few days alone in the mountains?
With a season ticket, you have the freedom to decide for yourself.

2. No lift ticket queue
Have you also been annoyed by long queues to buy lift tickets? With a season ticket, you can go straight to the lift and make the most of your time in it
the ground. Although many people now buy their ski pass digitally, you don't have to manage it every morning before you hit the slopes, and you also avoid queuing
in the pick up box if you need a new smartcard.
No lift ticket queue = a more efficient day on the slopes!

3. More value for money
Compared to day tickets, season tickets can seem expensive at first glance,
but did you know that it pays off after only 8 days on the ground?
The season ticket can be a motivating factor to get out on the slopes at least 8 times,
or perhaps the competitive instinct is fired up and you set a goal of as many days as possible to get the most value out of the card?
The more you ski, the cheaper the card becomes!

4. Family package
Get more skiing days together with a family package! A perfect opportunity for family time where everyone gets out in the fresh air and physical activity.
Even if the whole family is not always there, it pays off with a family package quite quickly. Are you two adults and two children
there should be no more than 7 days on the ground before the package pays off rather than a day pass.
Even if it's a family package, you don't always have to go out together, how about sending restless children out on the slopes for a few hours while they
adults relax. Do some get up earlier than others? Hit the slopes and have a late breakfast when the whole family is up.
Or maybe you have a 3-year-old who only wants to stand for a few laps, but the rest of the gang wants to stand longer.
The possibilities are endless - with season tickets for the whole family!

5. Season ticket benefits
The season ticket also comes with a number of season ticket benefits. Do you like variety on the ground? In addition to all the slopes at Geilo
with our season ticket, you also get 50% on day passes in Hallingskarvet Ski Center all season!
Only a short drive away, a real powder paradise.
The season pass also gives you an exciting deal on ski hire, and discounts on ski service, ski school and in the ski shop.
Read more about the season ticket benefits here.

6. Training
Do you find it difficult to stay in shape when winter comes? The days are getting shorter, snow and cold may make it more difficult to take
the regular jog? Don't despair, slalom and snowboarding are a great way to keep in shape - and it's so much fun!
Set yourself a goal of a few fixed days when you get out on the ground.
Then you get both exercise and fresh air, perfect also for staying fresh through the winter months.
The crisp and cold winter air provides good energy, and by practicing carving down the hill you get the perfect leg session.
To summarize - you stay both healthy and in good shape with a season ticket ;)

7. Digital detox
Are you also tired of all the screens? To constantly be logged in and available? With a season ticket, you can rush out onto the slopes
a few hours, and forget the stress that digital everyday life contributes to.
Be present in the moment and let the fresh air clear your body and mind! A few hours in the ground, away from all digital surfaces, helps
to improve the circadian rhythm, gives more energy in everyday life and sharpens the senses.
Log off and join us!