Familieopplevelser i skibakken

Family-fun on the ski slopes

Take the family to the mountains. At SkiGeilo there are lots of activities that the whole family can take part in!

Ski School - Groups and Private Lessons
Invest in skills and joy! SkiGeilo ski school offers group courses, private lessons, ski play, and weekend courses! Read more and book your ski course here.

Trollklubben Child Care
Trollklubben daycare is located in the middle of the children’s area in Vestlia. Local children are enrolled all year round, and from Christmas to after Easter, we offer childcare for visitors aged 0-8 years. Fun for the kids and convenient for parents! Read more about the child care offer here.

Kids Races - FREE
Kids Races are suitable for everyone, including young children skiing with their parents. It’s completely free, and prizes are awarded to all participants! We organize Kids Races in Vestlia, Kikut, and Havsdalen throughout the season, on Saturdays and selected holidays.

Night Skiing
At Geilo, there is night skiing on Tuesdays at Slaatta and Fridays in Vestlia . Bring the whole family to Taco Friday at the ski café in Vestlia from 5:00 PM.

Super Kids Disco - FREE
When night skiing is in session, we host a Kids Disco at Trollklubben, Vestlia, every Friday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM with catchy music and a great atmosphere!

Kids Patrol - FREE
Are you curious about what the ski patrol does during a day? Join the Kids Patrol! All participants are given vests and radios and an introduction on how to use them. Then we ski around the facility. More information about Kids Patrol here.

Geilo High Five, panorama tour
The panorama tour is also a great activity for the whole family when children master the green and blue slopes. Find more information about Geilo High Five here.

We welcome everyone to a memorable trip with your loved ones!