Skilockers i Geiloheisen

Skilockers at Geiloheisen

Ski hotel during the summer!

Let us take care of your skis during the summer

Period: May 1st – October 30th
Price: NOK 400,-

Make sure your skis are ready for a new winter season! Special offer on Basic- and Fullservice if you hire summer storage - up to 25% discount!


Rent ski lockers at Geiloheisen for the season! You don't have to carry your ski equipment with you on the train, in the car or on the bus.
We open up 50 lockable lockers, here you get space to store your belongings and the opportunity to change right at the ski slope!
The outer door has an app-controlled lock, with the possibility of renting a lock tag. Each locker has its own key.

Period: November 1st – April 30th
Price: NOK 1,850

If you have a season pass, you get a 10% discount!

How to order?
Payment and key delivery at Vestlia Ski Reception, Bakkestølvegen 80.
If you want a key fob instead of an app on your phone, this can be rented for NOK 500 (you get your money back when the fob is delivered)

If you are unable to come to Vestlia, send us an email and we will find a solution!
Contact: [email protected]