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Bergtroll White Vestlia 8-10 years - 60 minutes

For the children who have never skied before or can control braking and turning

Ski school is for the children based on fun, joy and getting used to having skis on. Through playing and fun we are aiming to give the children a positive view on skiing.

Important: The child manages to be away from mom and dad during class.

Durance: 60 min from Monday to Friday (It is not possible to start any other day than Monday)

No. of participants: 3-6 participants. When less than 3 participants, the course will run for less days, rather than cancelled.

1 person – Monday and Tuesday

2 persons – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Please bring: Skipass og ski equipment (not included) and clothes/goggles etc. according to the weather

Meeting place: By Trollklubben children’s area

Contact information: SkiGeilo +47 32090000 or [email protected]