SkiGeilo satser!

News 2019/20

A new and magnificent ski rental, new lift and new slopes, along with several family-friendly upgrades, snow facilities and upgrades of the children's area in Havsdalen are some of the winter's news at Geilo.

Norway's coolest ski hire!

Our biggest ski rental is in Vestlia, and for the coming season we are making significant upgrades! Vestlia will now appear as a complete and convenient welcome center for you as a guest. Here you will find sales of ski pass and ski shop, booking of ski school and ski rental, all under one roof in new and modern premises. We have also upgraded to new and more toilets. We still encourage the purchase of lift tickets online for the best price. Lift tickets ordered online can be picked up in our pickup boxes. Look here

Norway's crudest ship stepping machine

The new grinder in Vestlia may be Norway's rawest grinder! We have purchased a top spec Discovery grinder from reputable Wintersteiger. This machine grinds the base and steel edges, adds structure, grows and dries, all in one process! From winter we can therefore offer everything from simple slip / wax to shipwreck with world cup standard.

New snow groomers

2 brand new snow groomers are on the way. We have really invested in quality selected from the top shelf with Prinoth Leitwolf. These are some of the best on the market, and of course they are top notch in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness. We can now prepare larger areas in less time and at the same time we can promise the best possible conditions, regardless of the conditions.

The park in Havsdalen is getting moved to Vestlia

This winter we move the park in Havsdalen to Vestlia, so the parks at Geilo are gathered on one side.

We will make sure you have the opportunity to take advantage of the park for evening skiing and MorgenSki.

* More lights will be set up.
* A new system for snowmakers will be built in Randiløypa that will allow us to be even more efficient with opening up as early as possible.
* In addition, we are working on a new trail profile in the form of rock blasting, leveling of rough places and placing the jumps, so that we can build lines more efficiently.
* The goal is a 3 line progression park from blue to black side by side so you can easily develop and train to become a better freerunner!

The snow production facility is being renovated and upgraded

We want to give you a skiing experience with snow quality from the top shelf. That is why we have now embarked on a major investment plan to get top modern snow facilities on all our slopes. It is more efficient that allows us to use less electricity, water and air, and still produce more snow in less time. Last but not least, you get an even better skiing experience by having the snow system produce top notch quality snow, regardless of conditions. Together with cooling towers for water and our brand new snowmakers, we dare to promise as good snow quality as possible throughout the season. Snow will be important to us, even in the future.

Now you can slide right into Bjødnaløypa

We are working hard to prepare for an even better ski day for YOU! Now will be the last day you have to pull and push to get the whole family down Bjødnaløypa. We have blown up and changed the trail profile of Bjødnaløypa, so you can now get off the Vestlia lift and slip straight into the trail - without a single pull. 

New magic carpet on Kikut

Here comes the new ski band season 19/20 with superstructure and light inside. The carpet will extend all the way up to Kikutkroa so that you have the opportunity to follow the children's development and skiing. Here you will also find the Hufselift, a small bowl lift for those who have just started taking the lift. New children's characters and exciting challenges for the little ones will be available for the coming season.

The children area in Havsdalen is being upgraded

New 2019/20 season: We have revitalized the children's area in Havsdalen with new children's carpet and cool figures in a clear and large area. Where there used to be park elements, there are now great slopes with perfect incline to learn to ski. Bowl lift for
those who have just started taking the lift. Here, both children and families can play for hours in safe and good surroundings. In Havsdalen there is a large parking lot, and lovely food at Havsdalskroa close by. Everything a few meters away. Check out!

Now the pushing is over!

With a total of 6000 kg of explosives, it is forever to have to push from the top of the Geilo lift and towards Sonjaløpa, Fugleleiken and Halstensgård. The same from the top on Vestlia towards the Eivaløypa and Bjødnaløypa. This is a major upgrade that will significantly enhance the experience.

New lift in Havsdalen

Havsdalen + Geilosiden = true! In the autumn, the old Arne lift is demolished in Havsdalen. They are being replaced by a brand new ski lift! The lift will go from the bottom of the Arne lift to Sonjaløypa! It will be a completely different ski day with much better connection between Havsdalen and Geilosiden.

New pro self timer

Now we are building a big and professional self-timer of 390 meters in the Eiva trail in Vestlia. Here there will be a start tunnel, a display that shows times, and a leaderboard that shows Top 10 times run during the day. Compete with friends and family! If you register a profile with a name on, your name will be displayed with your time on the leaderboard. The self-timer is suitable for all ages and opens Christmas 2019.

Info Monitors

In all our base areas you will now find information screens with useful information for you as a ski guest! These will provide information on weather and conditions, the status of open lifts and slopes, great deals, where we recommend you to eat your lunch and much more.

A fresher look at our serving places!

We think a pleasant atmosphere is something all our guests deserve. We have therefore placed a great focus on improving our restaurants so that you can enjoy traditional serving with a trendy touch! At Havsdalskroa you can expect new furniture that is handmade in Hallingdal by Fjellmøbler AS.

At Kikutkroa we are rebuilding the serving area and expanding to two paying machines! This makes it more space efficient and less crowded. In addition, we will fresh up with interiors so you can enjoy yourself properly and enjoy a wonderful meal in a pleasant atmosphere. We are continuing to upgrade kitchenware and food delivery areas to give you a much better overall experience!