Invest in your ski holiday!

Invest in more knowledge, better technique, and more fun on the slopes! Or learn a new snow sport or how to do some cool tricks in the park.

We offer tuition ski school in alpine, snowboard, and park and private instruction lessons in alpine, snowboard, telemark, park, and cross country. 

Either if you are a first-time skier or wishing to improve your technique, we are looking forward to helping you with the right instruction.

Online booking must be made 48h in advance, after this you can book at the front desk (if available)



Group standard 5 days 80 min  NOK 1535,-
Group 4 yrs* 5 days 80 min NOK 2540,-

* Group ski school for 4 years, beginning (white level)

The standard group ski school is required for a minimum of 3 students. Less than 3 students can be reduced to a private class: 2 students = 3 days of teaching.
Group ski school is in Vestlia all season and in Havsdalen week 6-9.

Group Ski School: Mon - Fri 9:45
5-7 years Forest Troll
8-10 years Bergtroll
11-15 years Teens

Group Ski School: Mon - Fri 11:20
4 years Small roll white (max 3 pupils)
4-5 years Small troll (green/blue)
Snowboard (from 10+ years)
SkiPlay - from 5 years +

All hours must be paid before the hour starts.

NB! Ski equipment and ski passes are not included in the price and must be ready before the hour starts.

If there is no available capacity for online booking or for other times, please contact us here


Private lessons 23/24:

Rent your own Ski School instructor at Geilo! Our Ski School teaches alpine, snowboarding, basic slopestyle and telemark on all levels. 

Duration Price Additions
1 hour 920,- Extra participant + 280,- pp
1,5 hour 1310,- Extra participant + 315,- pp
2 hours  1620,- Extra participant + 345,- pp
New! 1 hour 3 year olds 780,- Extra participant + 280,- pp

You can choose between 1 or 2 hours. 1,5 hour is available from February or as a drop in lesson.


WeekendSki 23/24: 

Let the kids evolve their skiing skills with old and new friends! The focus on WeekendSki is to have fun and get to know the terrain with guidance to make the kids become better skiers. 

Age Days Duration Price
6-15 years 2 days 80 min 820,-

The groups will be divided based on skill level. WeekendSki is for kids ages 6-15 and are set up on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday from 9.45AM. 

There must be at least two participants signed up for the lesson to go on as planned.
If there is only one participant signed up the lessons will go on as a private lesson on Saturday or join another group. 

The ski school groups are divided into white, green, blue and red according to skill level

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