Geilo Bike Rental


At Geilo you will find a versatile and family-friendly bicycle offer. In recent years, there has been a big focus on mountain biking in Geilo and it is important for us to have a varied offer that can activate everyone from the youngest in the family to the cycling enthusiasts! Here in Geilo, you will find skill trails at beginner level, long-distance rides with high mountain views, pump tracks, jump lines and lift-based trails with excitement, speed and flow! Geilo is one of Norway's most beautiful cycling destinations, with a wide range of offers and a focus on family-friendly cycling.

Geilo's largest bike rental!

A large and varied selection of new bikes! We have great cycling trails and cycling activities right outside the door - suitable for the whole family! If you want to make a reservation it has to be done by 4pm the day before. If you don´t wish to make a reservation we have drop in at the bike rental in the Summerpark. It is not possible to make reservations through email or by phone. 

Afternoon rental from 1.30pm
Drop in only, and we cannot guarantee for available bikes. If you want to pre book bikes it has to be for a full day.

Balance bike for the smallest children!

A balance bike is a great introduction to learning to ride on two wheels. With a balance bike, the little ones learn balance in a safe way before they are ready for their first children's bike. Suitable for asphalt and light gravel roads. We have two different models, 12 and 14 inches. With us you will find balance bikes for children!

Bike Rental Rates 2024:

Full suspention trail bike for children and adults
From Nok 560,- 
Hardtail mountain bike for children and adults 
From Nok 360,- 
Electrical bike for children and adults
From Nok 620,- 
Full suspention downhill bike for adults 
From Nok 990,- 
Balance bike for small children 
From Nok 150,- 
Bicycle cart that fit our hardtail mountain bikes, not our e-bikes. 
From Nok 180,- 

Rent body armour and helmets: 

Full face helmet Nok 175,- pr day
- for lift-based trail biking 
- included when renting downhill bikes

Helmet Nok 65,- pr day
- for trail -and mountainbiking 
- included in all bike rental

Body armour and shin protector Nok 175,- pr day
- for lift-based trail biking 
- included when renting downhill bikes 

Full face helmet, Body armour and shin protectors Nok 295,- 

Bike insurance! 

You are responsible for the bike and equipment during the rental period. The insurance covers cost due to damage.
- including bike lock 

Do not cover theft or damage to bikes that are unfixable. 

Mountain -and Trail bikes Nok 65,- pr bike
Electrical bikes Nok 100,- pr bike

Geilo Bike Rental

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