A Ski Resort With an Environmental Focus!

Sustainable destinations and national park

Geilo is 800 meters above sea level, at the foot of Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet. Geilo was designated as a National Park Village by the Environment Directorate in 2008, and is one of few that can adorn themselves with this exclusive title. In addition, Geilo is located in Hol National Park Municipality.

The national park village of Geilo carries the title "Sustainable Travel Destinations". A quality brand for destinations that have begun systematic work to offer guests good experiences, while the destination preserves nature, culture and the environment, strengthens societal values ​​and economic living environments. This makes Geilo a great place to stay - and a good place to visit.

A ski resort with a focus on sustainability and the environment! 

At SkiGeilo, we work systematically to take corporate social responsibility. We focus on the large volumes and constantly prepare for a more environmentally friendly operation. It is also important to us that all our guests get good experiences, value for the time they spend with us, and an impression of local connection to the ski resort Geilo.

The Ski Buses - Public Transportation


Leave your car at home - the solution to the transport problem is to travel more together! We encourage our guests and staff to make use of environmentally friendly public transport to our facilities.

In 2017, we invested in three new ski buses at Geilo. A sustainable alternative where our guests can move quickly and easily between the valley sides without having to use a car. In the evening, the buses are used as an après-ski bus to relieve traffic to and from après-ski, activities and shopping / restaurants in the city center. Fewer cars on the roads lead to less greenhouse gas emissions and fewer accidents. SkiGeilo encourages you to take the train! The Kikut bus corresponds to the selected weekday evening trains throughout the ski season, so you can easily and safely leave your car at home. The bus runs between Geilo Station and Kikut, and is a good alternative for anyone who wants to take the train to the cabin. See timetables for the ski bus and the Kikut bus HERE.


Power Supplier


SkiGeilo uses Ustekveikja Energi as a power supplier. Ustekveikja Energi is a small power company in Hallingdal, with a great commitment to nature, the environment and the local community. From the mountain, they produce their own renewable power through two hydropower plants. At the same time, they are working to reduce their climate footprint, with the desire to preserve nature in Hallingdal.


Operation of the resort


  • SkiGeilo has implemented a program to replace all vehicles to new ones that meet the latest EU requirements in relation to emissions.
  • In season 19/20 we invest in new pedaling machines, with new technology that meets the most stringent EU requirements. Prinoth Leitwolf's 4F diesel engine is the most environmentally friendly on the market, both in terms of emissions and consumption.
  • In snow laying, we also have a program for phasing out and replacing infrastructure for snow production with the latest technology for efficiency, energy saving and best utilization of water. For example, we have invested in cooling towers that lead to a significant reduction in electricity consumption per cubic snow, and efficiency per liter of water and per hour of snow production increases significantly.
  • The speed of the lifts will always be assessed and run as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • We use local mass, which is crushed, sorted and deposited in, or close to, the ski resort.
  • All of our buildings are mapped into long-term maintenance, renovation and conservation plans.
  • We have started work on an on / off boarding program that will give all our seasonal workers better knowledge of the destination, the company, better follow-up and integration into the local community, and a hope that they will return to the new season the following year.

Dining Locations



We always try to find more environmentally friendly solutions at our 6 dining locations.


  • Porcelain is used instead of disposable cutlery.
  • Glass and cardboard are sorted at our serving locations.
  • Our customers can always use fresh and free mountain water right from the tap. This reduces the need for and consumption of plastic bottles.
  • We use locally produced and short-lived foods at several of our eateries. For example, cheese from Ostebygda (local cheese producers), or other local ingredients.

Trollklubben Kindergarten 


At the ski center's kindergarten, the Trollklubben, we work with the children to become environmentally conscious from an early age.


  • The children are often out walking as "environmental detectives" and find things that do not belong in nature. Of course we pick this with us.
  • We pawn bottles we find.
  • We take trips down to the Kleivi waste treatment plant to deliver milk cartons.
  • We see the series Blekkulf, with the slogan "Use your head - we only have one globe!"

The Troll Cube meets all the requirements for the Environmental Health Care in Kindergarten.


Supporting our Local Community 


We at SkiGeilo want to be an important contributor to the local community around us, and everyone who lives here.


  • Through our status as the main sponsor of Geilo IL, we want to contribute to physical education for children, young people and adults in a safe environment. Geilo IL is perhaps the most important arena for meeting places and social value creation among all residents of Hol Municipality.
  • Through discounted season passes to all resident children and young people between the ages of 0-17 in Hol Municipality, we want to give these first-hand knowledge of one of the most important tourism products in our municipality. It is important for us that they get to experience the same tourist product that our guests get. We also hope to be a meeting place with equal conditions for all resident children and young people in Hol Municipality. Not least, it's a great way to get active.

By participating in Visit Geilo we want to contribute to, and take responsibility for, the tourism development in Hol Municipality together with other local players.


Infection prevention and control 

SkiGeilo offers guidance to our guests on adherence to infection preventions and control measures. SkiGeilo follows the guidelines prepared by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. (You can read guidelines here: fhi.no)

We have also introduced the following preventive measures:

  • Signs in all common and staff areas regarding good hand hygiene and coughing habits
  • Signs in all cafe and dining areas that encourage hand washing on arrival and before dining
  • Hygiene posters on all toilets
  • Increased the frequency of cleaning restrooms and common areas
  • Antibac deployed in all dining and communal areas
  • Increased frequency of disinfection of all surfaces
  • Training and reminding all employees of good hand hygiene