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Every generation of your family will find something to love at Geilo

Family guide

Everything you need to know  

Every generation of your family will find something to love at Geilo

Whether it's a private lesson for the whole family, a novice terrain park to admit trust or a race that made your grandfather laugh like a little boy again, you'll find that Geilo has opportunitites for everyone. Most importantly, you can save on your next family trip by booking online.

Below we have gathered all the resources you need to start planning for the perfect winter holiday at Geilo!

So Many Ways to Save 

Skiing is one of the winter activities that the whole family can enjoy together.
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SkiGeilo for all ages 

Being a family-friendly mountain village means more than just a handful of easy slopes where children can learn how to ski. It means a ski destination that has everyone's interests in focus (including difficult teens).

We are proud to be a ski resort divided into two valley sides that create extraordinary winter holidays for families from all over the world.



Toddlers Love ...

The Troll Club is located in a cozy log house in the children's ski area in Vestlia. The Troll Club is a popular ski and play area throughout the winter.

Here we offer child care for the youngest from 0 - 8 years.



Ages 3 to 6 Love ...

Our ski school programs are the perfect balance of play and gradual on-slopes instruction.

Ski Play is skiing for children over 5 years old who already know how to ski. They will be supervised by a ski instructor.



Ages 7 to 12 Love ...

On mountain surprises, which include fun figure installations and child-oriented paths and terrain.

With us, several areas are adapted for children, with paths that feel more like an adventure.


Teens Love ...

Beginner's terrain parks. The Kikut park and the Havsdalen park at Geilo offer the perfect intro for your teen to test their skills on boxes, rails and jumps.


The Whole Family Loves ...

Geilo is a ski paradise for children and you will find 4 children's areas at Geilo. The children's areas are located in Vestlia, Kikut, Slaatta and Havsdalen.


Ski & Snowboard School

Whether your kids are 4 or 15 years old, they have one thing in common: they will enjoy skiing and riding more if they have fun. Our renowned ski school offers a wide range of private and group lessons for children, all with an emphasis on fun and safety.

Learn more about these lessons - and our four children's areas - below.