How to pick up your skipasses


Buy a ski pass online and pick it up in one of our pickup boxes

Once you have filled up your smartcard, you are ready to go straight to the lift. If you have bought a new smartcard, you have two options for retrieving your lift pass:


On the pickup box

The easiest way to pick up your ski pass that you have ordered online is on the pickup boxes. The pickup boxes are a non-contact way to pick up your ski passes. An overview of the pickup boxes can be found further down the page. They are available in all our ski receptions, in the reception of most accommodations as well as Sport 1 and Spar in the centrum. Ask the staff if you are unsure where they are. All you need is the booking confirmation with your QR code if you have ordered online or scan the QR code you received by email to pick up your ski pass by following the instructions on the pickup box and you are ready for a day full of skiing! 

You can also find the QR code on "my pages".

At the ski receptions

You can also pick up the ski pass you have ordered online in one of our ski receptions. Remember your booking confirmation and get personal help to retrieve your ski pass.

Pickup box loactions: 

1) Kikut Bistro (outdoors, available 24/7)
2) Vestlia Ski Reception (inside, available during opening hours)
3) Vestlia Resort (inside, available 24/7)
4) Ustedalen Hotel (inside, available 24/7)
5) Halstensgård Kafe (outdoors, available 24/7)
6) Geiloheisen (outside, available 24/7)
7) Spar Geilo center (inside, available during opening hours)
8) Dr. Holms Hotel (inside, available 24/7)
9) Slaatta Ski Center                   
10) Havsdalsgrenda (inside, available during opening hours)
11) Havsdalen Ski Reception (inside, available during opening hours)


kart pickup boxer