Geilo with triple victory in the World Ski Awards

Geilo has every reason to celebrate after an impressive triple victory at this year's World Ski Awards in Kitzbuhel, Austria. The alpine destination won awards in three categories: "Norway's Best Ski Resort", as well as "Norway's Best Ski Hotel" awarded to Vestlia Resort, and "Norway's Best Ski Chalet" awarded to Havsdalsgrenda. Geilo has thus won "Norway's Best Ski Resort" five times in a row since 2019.


Geilo has been voted "Norway's Best Ski Resort" for the 5th year in a row. Photo: Paul Lockhart

Triple win
In the World Ski Awards, it is the public, together with tour operators, travel agencies and suppliers who vote for the best ski destinations and accommodation in Norway and the rest of Europe. The organizers say that "The prize is awarded to Geilo for its warm hospitality, a wide selection of accommodation, focus on local food culture and high quality." Since 2017, large investments have been made in modernizing the alpine product, which is also highlighted in particular in the justification.

Heidi Stevning, general manager of Visit Geilo, expresses her gratitude for the victory: "Thank you very much to everyone who voted for us. It is a great honor for all of us that Geilo once again comes out on top in this voting, and extra great that we also receive an award for two of our accommodation companies. We have a good community here at Geilo, and the cooperation between our companies has really strengthened us as a comprehensive alpine and holiday destination. The whole of Geilo is grateful for the recognition from the World Ski Awards, and this inspires to continue to offer first-class winter experiences for all visitors. The triple win underlines Geilo's unique appeal as a holistic ski resort", says Stevning.

Geilo in the tailwind
Geilo has strengthened its position as one of Norway's leading ski destinations in recent years, both at home and abroad. The total product with the best alpine experience, miles of cross-country skiing trails, a wide selection of accommodation and activities and natural proximity to the national parks Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda attracts more and more guests to the mountain village.

Kevin Eikrehagen, general manager of SkiGeilo, is proud that Geilo has been awarded the award: "Five years in a row is really something we are proud of! There are an incredible number of good people working both in Team SkiGeilo and at the rest of Geilo. They stand up every day with one focus in mind, delivering a good guest experience for those who visit us. This creates a positive spiral that benefits everyone, and I am incredibly proud to be a part of this."

"The ski center has made major investments both in new lifts, snowmaking equipment and guest experience since 2017. The aim is to lift Geilo back as the Nordic region's leading mountain destination. - There are many good mountain destinations in Norway, all of which can offer much of the same. That is why we invest extra on hosting, which is also part of us here at Geilo. We have been involved in tourism since the 19th century, so we have good experience in good guest experiences. Our task now is to continue to develop Geilo's potential further. We have a good collaboration between the ski centre, the accommodation companies, local food producers and activity providers, and are all engaged in creating value for the guest who visits us", concludes Eikrehagen