Geilo I fem fjellsider

Geilo in five mountain sides

With a total of 37 runs, there is plenty to explore, with everything from green trails to more advanced. 



Is located close to the center and has a four-seater chair lift that takes you up to Geilohovda. The Geilo lift is the easiest point to get around the "Geilosiden" as the lift takes you right to the top of Geilohovda. Down to Geiloheisen, both blue, red and black trails lead you down. At the bottom of the Geilo lift you will find Taubanekroa café. 

What you will find:

4 Lifts:
Geiloheisen (D)
Korken (H)
Fugleleiken (B) 
Halstensgård (A)

15 Slopes:
Ølkorken (11)
Steinspretten (12)
Musikkbakken (13)
Orreleiken (14)
Tiurspranget (15)
Fugleleiken (16)
Sonja-løypa (21)
Telemarken (22)
Ola-løypa (23)
Geilo-løypa (26)
Slaattasvingen (32)
S´en (33)
Storekorken (34)
Anne-løypa (36)
Hexe-løypa (37)

2 Ski Café:
Halstensgård Kafé

Geilosiden kart



Has a large parking with remember to pay for parking at the parking machine. At the bottom of the hill you find Havsdalskroa. Inside the café, the chef has made his own menu with delicious local produced food and Geilo´s best pizza. Havsdalskroa has become known for its genuine Après-Ski with live music and dancing on the tables. Havsdalen has ski hire for all ages and experiences. They also have a children's area with their own magic carpet, and two longer lifts that take you up to Geilohovda. At the top there are several choices between blue, red trails or Geiloparken-Havsdalen. Here you can also connect with Slaatta, Geiloheisen and Halstensgård. The mountain lift takes you up to Havsdalshovda, here you get the best view of Hallingskarvet.


What you will find:


5 Lifts:

Arnetrekkene (K)
Fjellheisene (L)



8 Slopes:

Arne-løypa (41)

Barne-løypa (43)

Geiloparken (44)

Fjell-løypa (45)

Havsdalsløypa (47)

Fjellcrossen (48)


1 Ski Café:









Havsdalen kart


Must be one of the best places for children, both beginner and more experienced. Here you can find a children's area with a disc lift and a small "park" that can challenge the toughest skiers. For the more experienced, there is a longer plate lift that leads up to the top of Slaattajordet. From the top you can ski all the way down in green trails or continue with the next lift, Korken. From the top of Korken the opportunity becomes great, then it is possible to ski both blue, red and black slopes. You can also ski down to Geiloheisen, Havsdalen and Halstensgård.

What you will find: 

3 Lifts:
Slaattaheisene (G) 

3 Slopes:
Slaattaløypa (30a)
Hakkebakken (30b)
Slaattajordet (31)

1 Ski Café:
Slaatta Stugu

Slaatta kart


Has a large parking space and slopes for the whole family. This has made Vestlia a family favorite. The troll club area is adapted for the smallest in the family. Here is a counter lift and a magic carpet that makes it easy for children to get up the hill. There are also small challenges such as slalom racing and small figures they can challenge themselves on. In this area you will also find Trollklubben childcare, children from 0-8 years are welcome.

At the bottom of Vestlia you will find 4-seater chair lift, hook and plate lift. The lifts takes you either half way or up to the top, from the top the possibilities are great everything from green, blue and red trails. From the top it is possible to connect with Kikut.

What you fill find: 

5 Lifts:
T-kroken (M)
Vestliaheisen (M)
Trollheimen (M)
Trollklubben (N)


7 Slopes:
Bjarne-løypa (51)
Eiva-løypa (52)
Vestlialøypa (53)
Randi-løypa (54)
Trollklubben (56)

Troll-bakken (57)
Asle-løypa (59)

1 Ski Café:
Vestlia skikafé

Vestlia kart

Geilo Fjellandsby/Kikut 

Has both children's lift and a chair lift. The chair lift takes you to Kikuttoppen and gives you access to blue trails and two terrain parks. Here you can play around and enjoy the view of Hallingskarvet National Park. Kikut also has a six-seater with wind protection up to the Kikuttop, perfect for days that contain extra wind.


What you will find:

4 Lifts:
Kikutheisen (S)
Hufseheisen (P)
Toppheisen (R)

6 Slopes:
Hufseløypa (61)
Davidløypa (63)
Guroløypa (64)
Toneløypa (65)
Eventyrløypa (66)
Kikutløypa (68)

1 Ski Café:


Kikut kart