Kveldstrugetur ved Vestlia
Kveldstrugetur ved Vestlia
Kveldstrugetur ved Vestlia
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Evening snowshoe tour at Vestlia

Evening snowshoeing for families and beginners.


Duration: 1,5 hours 

Price includes: Snowshoes, headlight and guiding.

Age limit: From 6 years.  

Bring: warm clothing, good hiking/winter shoes, gloves, scarf and hat.

Meeting place: Vestlia Resort reception. 

Contact information: [email protected] or phone +47 99 34 93 41

Try snowshoeing on an easy snowshoe trip for beginners and families.

Snowshoeing is fun, and it is for everyone. No previous experience needed.

We take you out snowshoeing through magic forests and open landscape.

Meeting point and start is Vestlia Resort (reception). Arrive a little earlier and have a look at Norwegian art and furniture in the lobby area.

From Vestlia Resort we snowshoe through the nearby forest and out onto the lake "Ustedalsfjorden". 

The trip runs mainly on existing snowshoe trails and is mostly flat. Your fitness-level should allow for a 1-1,5h of outdoor activity.

If you are looking for a more physical challenge, try Geilo Aktivs summit trek. Please visit www.geilo-aktiv.com for more information. 

What to wear?

Dress warm, but not too warm. Dress for activity and bring an extra layer to add/remove accordingly. Windproof shell layers are a must. We recommend a hooded jacket, a woolly hat, a neck/ scarf and mittens. The choice of footwear is very important. Our snowshoe bindings will work on pretty much anything, but snowshoes do not protect your feet from getting cold and wet. Your feet are, after all, covered by snow most of the time. Footwear should be warm and comfortable to walk in. Roomy hiking boots and warm (woollen) socks are the best choice. No trainers or ski boots. We recommend the use of gaiters. If it is snowing heavily goggles are nice to have. From February onward bring sunglasses.