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Dr. Holms Hotel

Dr. Holms Hotel has been a source for recreation, wellbeing and health since the early 1900s. The location in the heart of southern Norways beatiful nature is also the base for inspiring and strengthening experiences.

It's the undefinable atmosphere, the soul, that has given Dr. Homs Hotel is unique place along the most famous hotels of Norway.
Now with over 80 newly renovated rooms.

Dr. Holms Hotel is the complete experience.
We offer all of our guests:
Bowling adventure in an authentic American diner.
Sportsbar that shows all the big games along with food & drinks.
The legendary Ski-bar where the after-ski started in the 80s
Elemis Spa and Wellness area with outdoors jacuzzi with beatiful views of the surrounding scenery.
Enjoy a re-energizing lunch from "minibaren" in the lobby.
Restaurant Christian, our fine dining experience serving only locally produced food.
Conferance and banquet opportunities with space for up to 250 guest.
Our main restaurant with with space for 350 guests
We offer our guests ski-rental, making it as easy as possible for our guests to enjoy the slopes or the cross country trails.
Take a stroll around the hotel and look at all the beautiful artwork collected throughout our 110 years in the business.
We desire to create history with all of our guests, welcome to the sunny side of Geilo.