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1 hour private lesson in Vestlia for 3 year old

Hire your own private instructor!

<p><strong>Durance:</strong> 60 minutes</p><p><strong>Age:</strong> 3 year</p><p><strong>No. of persons:</strong> Max. 2 participants pr lesson</p><p><strong>Bring:</strong> Skipass, ski equipment and clothes according to weather.</p><p><strong>Meeting place:</strong> Outside the Information center in Vestlia (Address: Bakkestølvegen 80, 3580 Geilo)</p><p><strong>Important information:</strong> Skipass and ski equipment are not included, all participants need a skipass - on all levels</p><p><strong>Contact information:</strong> [email protected] / 32 09 00 00</p>