SkiPlay Vestlia 11-15 years, 5 dager
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SkiPlay Vestlia 11-15 years, 5 dager

A play group with skis on, for those kids who can brake, turn og take the lift by them self.

<p>We play in the snow with skis on. Perfeckt while the parents are in ski school.</p><p>Note! This is not ski school, but play and fun.</p><p><strong>Duration</strong>: 11:20 - 12:40, Monday to Friday&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Age limit</strong>: 11-15 years&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Min/Max number:</strong> 2-15 persons&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Bring</strong>: Clothes according to weather</p><p><strong>Meeting place:</strong> Vestlia - Trollklubben childrens area&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Contact information</strong>: +47 32090000 or [email protected]</p>