Ski Guiding

With locals to the hotspots

Ski Guiding service means that you can spend all of your time enjoying the slopes, without having to worry about reading piste maps or finding the best runs.

Are you in Geilo for the first time? Alone on vacation or do you simply just want to spend a nice day with others. With our ski guide you will not only discover the best skiing slopes but also the best restaurants on our two ski mountains. The guide will also show you the best panoramic views so you can get the best memory from your vacation. Ski guiding is the perfect experience for everyone, whether you are alone, a couple, or a larger group.

A typical day

Our ski guiding is perfect for competent blue run and more experienced skiers. Our ski guides will personally meet you at Vestlia and show you around the ski area, advise you on the best runs and of course, Geilo´s best views so that all your attention can be on skiing. After the day's skiing, our ski guide will deliver you back to where you met in time to meet up with friends, family or more time one the slopes.


  • 3 hour exploring
  • Express lane
  • Maximum 10 participants per group

Available in the afternoon from 1.25 PM

All lessons must be paid before the lessons begin. The price stays the same regardless if you are one or more.

Note! Ski equipment and ski passes are not included in the price and must be purchased and ready before the ski guiding begin!