Sesongåpning 2019/20

New Season at Geilo

We are open Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. We stay closed midweek until we open fully December 7th

This coming weekend (November 30 and December 1), we will open Kikut in addition to what was open last weekend. It is not possible to ski between Kikut and Geilo, but we will set up a ski bus so that you can easily get to and from.

Lifts opening hours 30 Nov and 1 Dec:

Opens at 09:30 and runs until 15:30

See the rest of the season's opening hours here.

Ski Bus

Ski bus times can you find here.
The ski bus will also take a route by Kikut:
Kikut to Vestlia: kl 10:20 og 10:40
Vestlia to Kikut: kl 14.30 og 15.55

What lifts and trails open when?

Open lifts 31 Nov and 1 Dec:

Slopes Vestlia:

- Øvre Randi (54)
- Nedre Eiva-løypa (52)
- Trollklubben (56)
- Trollbakken (57) - Liten park settes opp her

Slopes Geilosiden:

- Sonja-løypa (21)
- Geilo-løypa (26)

Slopes Kikut:

- David-løypa (63)
- Guro-løypa (64)
- Hufse-løypa (61)

Lifts Vestlia:

- Vestliaheisen (M)
- Trollklubben (N)
- Trollheisen (M) 
- Barnebåndet (N)

Lifts Geilosiden:

- Geiloheisen (D)

Lifts Kikut:

- Nye barnebåndet
- Toppheisen (R)

NB Subject to weather being on our site. Priorities may change along the way.

Ski pass, ski rental and dining

In Vestlia, Taubanekroa and Kikutkroa you can buy ski pass and season pass. See the season's ski pass prices here.

In Vestlia and Kikut you are able to to rent equipment.

We keep Vestlia Skikafe, Taubanekroa and Kikutkroa open for service from 09:30 to 15:30.