Which ski rental is right for you?

It's not always easy to know which skis that are right for you. We have made a guide with descriptions of the different alpine packages we offer at our ski rental. So that YOU get the right skis on the slope. 

You are guaranteed newly prepared skis when you rent from us, and you will always have access to the best equipment without having to wonder about storage and maintenance. We offer four different levels of alpine skis, as well as snowboard, cross country skiing and twintip. 

SkiGeilo Ski Rental - best equipment no matter your skill level 


If you have just started to learn how to ski or haven't been skiing for years, this is the package for you. Easy to ride equipment makes it easier to learn the right technique and to get comfortable on the slopes. The skis are a bit softer and has a shape that helps you to make easier turns and enjoy the learning process. 


For the skiing enthusiast who wants the very best. Tailor-made for beginners to medium well skiers. Easy to ride skis that make easy turns and helps you learn the right techniques. Gives you joy while skiing without expecting too much from the skier.

These skias have the technology of a racing ski, but with a more allround shapes. This makes it easier to adjust to varied conditions, whilst still being a great ski for speed and larger turns. 


Do you like high speed and feeling the adrenalin pump? These skis are built with the same core as Axel Lund Svindals racing skis, but with a slimmer shape in the middle and a bit softer front. These skis are playful for all conditions, and are made to be a substitute between giant slalom and slalom.  


These are perhaps the most usable all-mountain skis ever! Great skis for those who want the skis to move well on ice as well as powder snow. You get better ski boots with higher quality with this package.

The skis are easy to ride and playful at a lower speed. These skis are great on the slopes and can deal with any conditions. 

Remember! You can test several of our premium skis during the rental period (as long as they are available). 


The markets strongest twin tip skis, a favourite of Jon Olsson, one of the worlds best jibbers. 

These skis gives good stability on all types of snow. It has the same shape as a regular alpine ski, which makes it a good ski for both the slopes and the park. The skis also gives a good balance between precision on harder snow, as well as good flow on powder snow.