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The World Ski Awards 2019 reconciliation is now open and closes on 27 September. Vote HERE. 

About the World Ski Awards

Launched in 2013, the World Ski Awards aim to raise standards in the ski industry by rewarding organizations that are leaders in their field.

Ski tourism is an important segment of the global travel and tourism market. An estimated 400 million skier visits each year to +2,500 ski resorts, home to over 6 million hotel beds.

The World Ski Awards were developed in response to overwhelming demand from the ski industry for a program that was fair and transparent; a program with a mission to serve as the definitive yardstick for excellence and to help foster a new era of growth in skiing.

The reaction to our annual World Ski Awards supports this vision. Hundreds of thousands of travel professionals and skiers across the globe vote for their favorite products and brands for skiing, while crowds gathering for the unveiling of the first winners act as a "who's who" in ski hospitality.

The World Ski Awards 2019 reconciliation is now open and closes on September 27, 2019.

The World Ski Awards program has categories for Best Ski Resort, Best Ski Hotel, Best Ski Boutique Hotel and Best Ski Chalet for each of the world's 25 best skiing nations. The winner of the individual country with the most overall votes will not only win the national award, but also the world-level award in the respective category.

There are a number of categories available only at the world level: the world's best ski operator, the world's best skiing agent, the world's best ski transport operator, the world's best ski resort, the world's best leisure resort, the world's best indoor ski resort, the world's best heli ski operator, the world's best new ski hotel, the world's best new ski lodge , the world's best green ski hotel, and the special World Ski Awards Academy Award for outstanding contributions to skiing.

The voting methodology is simple; votes are cast by professionals working in the ski industry - top executives, travel buyers, tour operators, agents and the media - and by the public (consumers of ski tourism). Voices are posted online at the World Ski Awards website. Voting works on a pre-post system to ensure independence and independence.

Winners of 2019 will be announced at the 7th Annual World Ski Awards Ceremony at A-ROSA Kitzbühel, Austria on Saturday, November 23, 2019 as part of a 3-day program of VIP events and networking activities.

The World Ski Awards is the sister organization of the World Travel Awards ™, which is currently celebrating its 26th anniversary.