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Viking rafting

Looking for adventure and adrenaline? The Viking rafting challenges you to 2-3 rapids extra in addition to the super rafting tour. From 15 years

Prepare to get wet!!

Numedalslågen is one of Europe’s best rafting river, a technical alpine river, which means that it offers plenty of exciting challenges.

The wild Viking rapids are either at the beginning of the rafting tour or at the end, depending on the time of season. Some of the rapids are up to grade 5, on a scale from 1-6. During the rest of the rafting tour, you can if you wish, challenge the tougher lines of the river that on the ordinary rafting tour. Therefore, you are more likely to experience the “Viking bath”- to fall in the river, or even for the raft to flip. We highly recommend that you have tried rafting before, that you are physically healthy and that you are not very afraid of water.

Tip 1: The rafting tours changes due to the changing water level during the season and unfortunately, we cannot offer the Viking rafting the whole season. The water level depends on the snow melting and rain. Usually, we offer Viking rafting from middle of June to middle of August. The tour itself also changes. Certain periods we surf on the bottom wave of the amazing Ismalfoss (usually June) and other times we jump from the cliff into the river- a proper adrenaline kick! (usually July-August)

Tip 2: Combi-rafting. Since the Viking rafting tour is a combination of the ordinary rafting tour «Super rafting» and the additional Viking rapids, it is possible to accommodate for a family/group to book together, but each individual chooses which sections of the river they would like to join. For example, mum and dad can do everything (Viking rafting) and the kids can do the Energetic rafting and drive around the wildest rapids together with our bus driver. They also get the option of watching their family members conquer the big rapids. Then they join their family in the same raft the rest of the rafting tour. The participants pay for the type of rafting they joined. If you would like to book a combi rafting, we recommend to contact us in advance.

Our experienced and qualified rafting guides will take good care of you and our staff will tailor the tour to suit you and the rafting experience you are wishing for. All participants will receive proper information, instruction and training before the rafting tour.

Numedalslågen is also a show off when it comes to Norwegian untouched nature and contains crisp, clean water from the Hardangervidda National Park. On some of the calmer section of the river, you will have time to enjoy the surrounding nature and jump into the river and float safely next to the rafts. It is also safe to drink the water!

Back at the base, you are welcome to stay as long as you like, have coffee/tee and watch the photos/video clips from your rafting tour. The hot tubs can be ready for you if pre-booked. Highly recommended!

Please contact us for more information and on how to make your experience the best! We can also adapt the tour to suit special needs.

We also offer baby/dog-sitting on request.

Bring: Swim wear, woolen/thermal underwear, towels. Snacks for after the rafting.

Duration: Ca 4h. Durations kan vary due to the water level and number of participants.

Meeting point: Raftingsenter Serious FUN, Aasbergmogen, 3588 Dagali. Please meet 15min before starting time.
It takes 30 min to drive to Serious FUN from Geilo.

The price includes: Experienced guide in each raft, transport to and from the river and rafting base, all necessary equipment: wet suit, wet shoes, life jacket and helmet.

Age limit: 15 years with guardians’ consent.

The extreme rafting is the whole super rafting section + some extra wild rapids that will definitely make your adrenaline pumping. We recommend that you have tried rafting before and that you are not afraid of water.


It is not a requirement to book online, you are also welcome to contact us on +47 40005786 or [email protected]

Not all the times for rafting is available on our online booking. Please contact us for availability on other times/dates.