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Torsetlia Fjellstue and Hyttegrend

Torsetlia cabins consist of 5 cabins with outdoor jacuzzis and 2 cabins without jacuzzis. Located in the middle of the hiking trail both summer and winter. 1040 m.o.h. Dagalifjell, Hardangervidda east.

Torsetlia Fjellstue and Hyttegrend are located on Dagalifjellet in Uvdal, at the top of Numedal. Hardangervidda east.

- Good local knowledge and personal service
- Traditional Norwegian interior.
- Tailoring and customization of activities and experiences.
- In the middle of the mountain adventure
- Long sunset
- Cozy and centrally located in the trail network on Dagalifjellet.

Torsetlia also has hotel rooms and apartments in the main house, open in the main season and by prior booking.

Facilities main house:
- Fireplace, dining room and spacious terraces
- Bar with all rights
- Sauna
- Table tennis
- Playroom for the little ones
- Wireless Internet