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Activity Winter activities

Teens 11-15 years

Group lessons for teens between 11-15 years.

The ski school groups are divided into white, blue and red according to skill level

For those that have not been skiing before. We will teach you to snowplough with confidence make turns and take the lift.

You are beginning to use parallel skiing to turn and take the lift in blue slopes. You will learn to be more secure, increase speed safely and work on perfecting your parallel skiing.

You ski parallel, with good speed and control in red slopes. You will train technique to take you down steeper terrain in a more secure, stylish and effective manner.

All ski school group lessons start on Monday and end on Friday, lessons last 80 minutes.
Group lessons with less than two participants, will have 3 days of ski school.
Group lessons with one participant, will have 2 days of ski school.
Due to few participants, the group lesson will be regarded as a private lesson, because of the more one-on-one nature of the lessons. (Price will stay the same)
We will know the full overview of participants Monday before the group lesson starts.

Ski equipment and ski pass is not included in the price and must be purchased and ready prior to the lesson.