Sauna & Snow - Geilo
Sauna & Snow - Geilo
Sauna & Snow - Geilo
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Sauna & Snow - Geilo

90-minute private sauna experience combined with snow bathing if desired.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Price includes: Private sauna experience combined with snow bathing. Wood is included. If you desire a sauna ritual with essential oils, contact the sauna master Hilde at Vinternatt. Kr. 350 per person. Must be arranged in advance!

Price: 1-2 persons, kr. 1600. If you are 3 or more, kr. 1900.

Number of people: Up to 6 individuals. If you know each other well, there's space for 8 people.

Bring: We recommend towels, swimwear, and water. There are no changing rooms nearby, so it's advisable to arrive wearing swimwear. Pack in a large bag or backpack to store your own clothes while enjoying the sauna. For guests at Vestlia Resort, you can wear bathrobes from the hotel to the sauna.

Meeting point: Park at Vestlia Resort, the lower parking lot. You'll see the sauna from the parking lot.

Contact information: [email protected], phone: 416 36 579

Welcome to a warm and clean sauna for private use for 1.5 hours. The sauna has panoramic windows, is wood-fired, and has ample space for 6 seated persons. If you prefer to lie down, there is room for 2 persons, and if you know each other exceptionally well, there's space for 8 people. There's extra water and wood in the sauna, allowing you to regulate the temperature yourselves.