Flow trails in Geilo Sommerpark

Lift-based cycling in Geilo Sommerpark - Now for the whole Family! 

Geilo is currently investing heavily in family-friendly bicycle development under the brand name Geilo RIDES. Here you will be able to get your first introduction to mountain biking and be able to develop into a technically skilled cyclist. You can unfold in different mountain bike disciplines such as "pump track", "skill trails", "jump lines" and "flow trails". The area around Geilo Sommerpark offers many family-friendly trails on low terrain, which are suitable for both young and old. If you want to bike a little longer, the track around Ustedalsfjorden is recommended. The round offers relaxing cycling, historic sites and great scenery!

In the past, Geilo has also been known for downhill cycling on beautiful, but partly steep and demanding trails in the ski resort. This offer has been built by and for technical and highly experienced cycling enthusiasts. With Geilo's family-friendly development, it has also been natural to change the profile of the lift-based cycling offer to cover a much wider range of cyclists. Now the black/very demanding downhill trails are closed in favor of new construction and upgrading of blue/medium and red/demanding flow trails. Here, as a "lightly practiced" mountain biker, you should be able to take your bike up the lift and feel mastery in flow paths such as Flow Motion and with a little practice take the step into Anaconda and maybe finally test Gold Digger. Overall, this will be a fantastic family-friendly lift-based cycling offer in the easy/medium (BLUE) and demanding (RED) difficulty category. Bring the whole family and share great cycling experiences in fantastic surroundings in Geilo Sommerpark!

sykkelkart 2022

What is Flow Motion?

At the beginning of July 2021, Stiteknikk finished building the fantastic 4 km long lift-based flow path "Flow Motion" in Geilo Sommerpark. The floating path runs from the top of Vestlia down to Geilo Sommerpark. The floating path has a difficulty level of blue and is suitable for the vast majority of people who are steady on the bike. Down in the flow path you will find cool 180 degree turns, jump "side hits" and other elements. The name "Flow Motion" arose in a brainstorming session in the Stiteknikk crew and is intended to give associations to flow, playfulness, movement and the great variations in the experience the trail provides. The path is graded "blue" and is suitable for almost everyone. Here, something happens all the way down the mountainside, says the chief builder himself, Duane Butcher.

Experience the thrill as you whiz down the 4 km long flow path, Flow Motion!


Flow path Anaconda
Anaconda was built and first opened in 2011. Last year, Anaconda had its 10th anniversary and on that occasion it was resurrected as a flow path in red grading. Stiteknikk worked hard last year to upgrade and rebuild the Anaconda, Gold Digger and Fire Ant detour trails.

Unlike Flow Motion, Anaconda is built in earth and stone. The upper part of the floating path has been rearranged to make it more family-friendly and the rest has received a real upgrade. The path is a little more demanding than Flow Motion and is graded as a red trail (medium demanding). To enter the path, drive Flow Motion approx. 1 km down before you reach a section of road which is the start of the Anaconda, which winds 700 meters down to the plateau at the bottom of the Kikutheisen. From here you cycle Flow Motion back down to Vestlia.


Gold Digger 

Gold Digger was built in 2015 and was refurbished and upgraded last year. Gold Digger starts at the top of the Vestliaheisen/Bjødnahovda on the left under the bridge right after you get off the lift. The trail is graded RED (Difficult) and is a notch more demanding than Anaconda. It is recommended that you cycle with a fully damped trail bike or downhill bike. Parts of the path have been rearranged to get a smoother profile and to reduce the speed in certain parts. The path is built of local mass such as earth and stone and has a medium smooth surface. The path has some stones and elements of rock gardens and is less clear than the other paths. Most of the turns are metered and the jumps/balls are larger and come on a little more abruptly than in the other courses. All jumps and obstacles can be rolled, but jumping skills are recommended and the trail is suitable for experienced cyclists with good skills.

For the experienced cyclist, the Gold Digger offers steeper descents, more speed, more air under the wheels and more adrenaline!

Flow Motion

Foto: Hallingdal Rides / Lars Storheim