Langedrag Gaupegårdsbesøk
Langedrag Gaupegårdsbesøk
Langedrag Gaupegårdsbesøk
Langedrag Gaupegårdsbesøk
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Meet the Lynx

Go for a walk together with Langedrag's 9 lynx.

The mysterious and majestic lynx is far from a familiar sight in Norwegian nature. We know it is there, but rarely see it. Through Langedrag's work to make the lynx feel safe with humans, the opportunity to bring guests into the lynx has emerged. This is an experience that is difficult to put into words, you often become silent, and in the silence the magical moments grow and the primordial man in you is awakened.

Before walking in with the lynx, there will be an introduction from the guide on how to behave inside, and there will of course be opportunities to ask questions both during the introduction and during the visit.

Price: A visit to the lynx NOK. 630 per person. We recommend visiting Langedrag Nature Park if you are going to see the lynx. If you want to buy an entrance ticket, select the number of lynx farm visits, click "order" and the entrance ticket will appear as an addition in the next step in the shopping cart. The price of the entrance ticket is indicated when you choose the add-on, as Langedrag has varying prices depending on the low, middle and high season. For more information about Langedrag, see here.

Who/amount: For people over 15 years of age. Minimum 2 pax. There are requirements to be able to move in rough terrain and to be able to stand still for long periods of time.

Duration: The experience takes about 30 min in total. A lot of the time you walk around with the lynx.

Meeting point: At reception 5 min before. Langedrag is approx. 50 minutes from Geilo by car.

Transport: This activity takes place approx. 50 minutes by car from Geilo. Unfortunately, there are no public transportation that takes you to the park.

Includes: A guide with broad knowledge of lynx will take you into the lynx and tell, explain, and teach what you see and why they are important for both nature and Langedrag.

What you learn: What is the difference between the different lynx species and what are the characteristics. You will also learn about how the lynx live and hunt in the wild.

Important to remember: Remember to have enough clothes, even though you move around a bit, you will not get warm.

Other: This trip provides fantastic photo opportunities, and we also arrange our own photo days with our predators. We also have the possibility to have separate tours for groups. Contact us on [email protected] if you want to book a trip for your group.