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Horseback riding tour - 2 hours

Season: June - October. The tour starts at Geilo Hestesenter, we ride on roads and paths in the surrounding forest and hills

<p><strong>Information: </strong></p><p><strong>Duration: </strong>2 hours.</p><p><strong>Price:&nbsp;</strong>NOK 700 per person</p><p><strong>Price includes: </strong>2 hour tour – helmet.</p><p><strong>Age limit: </strong>10 years old. Children with experience may be somewhat younger, please contact us if this is your situation. All children up to the age of 12 must bring their parents, and they must also join the tour. It is not possible to walk along due to safety.</p><p><strong>Bring</strong>: Dress the same way you would for a hiking trip in the mountains, we recommend long trousers and solid footwear (mountain hiking boots).<strong> </strong>If you have your own riding/bicycle helmet you are welcome to bring this with you.</p><p><strong>Meeting place: </strong>Geilo Hestesenter, Stølsvegen 15, 3580 Geilo. PLease meet 15 minutes before your trip starts</p><p><strong>Contact information:</strong> [email protected], +47 906 43&nbsp;545</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Our&nbsp;<strong>2 hour ride</strong>&nbsp;takes us through the forrest and hills in Vestlia. The paths are skislopes in wintertime and give us a wide variety of options depending on the riders experience. If we have beginners in the group, we'll take them on a slow and comfortable ride. For those who are experienced we speed up a little. The guide will ride according to the weakest rider in the group, for safety reasons.&nbsp;<strong>If possible:</strong>&nbsp;Beginners and medium experienced in the morning and experienced/medium experienced at our tour 15.00.</p><p><br></p><p>We do ride on our Icelandic horses, and also have some of the Norwegian breed Døle-horse. A sturdy horse for the bigger riders, or those who just prefer a bigger horse. Just give us a notice as you book the ride if you have any preferences.&nbsp;All our horses are experienced and very suited for riding in the mountains.</p>