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Horseback riding tour - 1 hour

Season: June - October. For beginners. Start from Geilo Horse Centre.

<p><strong>Information:&nbsp;</strong></p><p><strong>Duration:</strong> 1 hours.</p><p><strong>Price</strong>:&nbsp;NOK 450 per person</p><p><strong>Price includes:</strong> 1 hour tour – helmet.&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Age limit:</strong> 10 years old. Children with experience may be somewhat younger, please contact us if this is your situation. We prefer that children up to the age of 12 bring their parents.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Bring</strong>: Dress the same way you would for a hiking trip in the mountains, we recommend long trousers and solid footwear (mountain hiking boots). If you have your own riding/bicycle helmet you are welcome to bring this with you.&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Meeting place:</strong> Geilo Hestesenter, Stølsvegen 15, 3580 Geilo.&nbsp;Please meet 15 minutes before your trip starts</p><p><strong>Contact information:</strong> [email protected], +47 906 43 545</p><p><br></p><p>Our 1 hour goes around Slåttahølen by Geilo Cultural Church. A nice path for beginners, and those who are a bit anxious. We offer rides on Icelandic horses and the Norwegian breed Døle-Horse. All our horses are experienced and suited for mountain riding. The Icelandic horse prefer a maximum weight of 90 kg. If needed or if you prefer a bigger breed, please inform Geilo Hestesenter.&nbsp;</p>