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Combine your hike with a boat trip in the National Park!


Duration: The crossing takes around 40 minutes.  

Price includes: Shuttle with Halnekongen. Boat route: Halnekongen has two quays in the plateau: Sleipa and Skaupa. An easy daytrip is to walk from one quay to the other. Then you have plenty of time to look around and enjoy lunch before the boat returns. 

Meeting place: Halne Fjellstugu. 

Contact information: [email protected], +47 53 66 57 122150


1 July– 1 September:

From Halne: Kl. 13.00

From Skaupa/Sleipa: Kl. 14.00

If the above times do not suit, you are welcome to contact Halne directly by email [email protected] or phone 53 66 57 12

Halnekongen offers shuttle from Halne Fjellstugu ( Hardangervidda RV 7) and 13 km in to Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau. This is a fantastic starting point for hikes in the national park. The closest DNT cabins are Heinseter and Rauhelleren, and you can stay overnight in one of these cabins before you continue your hike in the national park or you can choose to return to Halne Fjellstugu.

If you need any help to plan your trip or you want to book a guide, please contact Halne Fjellstugu.