Hundekjøring - Ekstra
Hundekjøring - Ekstra
Hundekjøring - Ekstra
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Dogsledding - Extra

Geilo Husky - 10 km. Drive your own team of huskies 40-50 min trip on the frozen lake in the middle of Geilo.

If you like a longer tour, we recommend the Husky Extra. This is suitable for the whole family!

Within walking distance from the center of Geilo, we have a pleasant camp and a dog sledding trail that goes on the Ustedalsfjorden.

With "Dogsledding Extra" you get instruction from experienced dogsledders before you get to try driving a dogsled all by yourself.

You will be met by a camphost who will show you how to drive the sled. You are then two guests per dog team. One sits in the sled, while the other drives. Halfway through, you can change places if you wish. We recommend everyone to try drive the sled. In front, you have one or two guides who show the way, determine the speed and help if challenges arise. When you return to camp, it's time to thank the dogs for the tour, take pictures, talk to the guides, and we have a warm fire you can sit by, and be served hot blackcurrant toddy or coffee.

Our camp host is present and can answer all dogsledding questions. You are most welcome to sit in the camp for as long as you wish, and it is possible to bring your own barbecue food. We provide barbecue sticks, and a hot fire perfect for grilling.

If you are in large groups, one group sits in the camp around the fire while the other group is out on a trip, then you switch.

This tour is suitable for everyone, including guests with various challenges or limitations. Contact Geilo Husky for arrangements at [email protected]

 Organizer: Geilo Husky

Duration: The experience takes approx. 1,5 hour in total, with 45 minutes of actual dog sledding

Price includes: Dog sledding and hot beverage

Amount: 2 guests to max 12 guests. The number of selections according to our capacity throughout the season.

Wear: Windproof jacket, trousers and gloves. Warm hat and buff. Winter boots. (Unfortunately, we offer not renting clothes). Bring an extra thick jacket if you are unsure about the cold. If there is wind and/or snow, we recommend goggles (slalom goggles, safety glasses, sunglasses)

Parking: Carpark at Red Cross in Bakkestølvegen 56. Look for the Geilo Husky sign. Be careful not to get in the way of Red Cross dispatches or block the helipad.

Age limit: Children are considered from 3-11 years. From the age of 12 is considered an adult and can try to drive the sled if desired. Dogsledding taster is suitable for children and adults. Children aged 0-2 travel for free, and you do not need to book a place for children in this age group. Children in this age group sit together with an adult in the sled. Children aged 3-11 must also be accompanied by an adult on dogsledding, but can sit alone in the sled during dog sledding.

Meeting place: Geilo Husky camp before Vestlia Resort – Bakkestølvegen 56

Contact information: [email protected] or tel. 924 66 920

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment.

Everyone who participates in dogsledding with us participates at their own risk. All participants must have their own travel insurance. If you or your group participate without travel insurance, this is at your own risk.

Read more about our guidelines and about dog sledding here:

Guidelines for Geilo Booking can be found here: